NEW VIDEO: Chibi Kodama – “The Safety Dance”

Family kindie band Chibi Kodama has been cranking out a lot music. Since 2014, they’ve released four albums, one EP, and a collection of “alternate” takes of singles from those albums. And they’re still going strong.

Now they’re dipping their toes into the world of cover songs. An 80s one-hit-wonder staple. Men Without Hats’ “The Safety Dance”. The new wave synthesizer has moved to the background and replaced by the fuzz of a guitar.

Yes, this is a cover song, but the band has made it their own.

2 Comments on “NEW VIDEO: Chibi Kodama – “The Safety Dance”

  1. LOVE IT! So bummed we will miss you in NJ. We leave for a gig in Canada the day before you play. Your voices sound good. More please. Hugs, Annie


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