Frances England – “Beacons of Light”

BeaconsFINALImageMost of us have been struggling to take in and understand all that’s happened over the past week. Unfortunately kids are not immune to what’s going on and it can be difficult to explain, to say the least. Frances England has written a new song to help cope. She explains on her Facebook page, “I wrote this song after a day of feeling so upset by what’s happening in our country. I was also thinking about how children across the country are processing the news right now because I know so many of them are seeing and hearing it. With my own kids, I’ve struggled to find words to explain how such hatred, racism, bigotry and violence can live and grow inside another human being (who was also once an innocent child).” England adds “Beacons of Light is a response and if you have a child, I hope maybe you’ll play it for them.”

You can purchase the song here. 100% of downloads for this song will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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