Playlist for January 13, 2018

A new year and a new show. We kick off 2018 with a lot a new songs for you. Enjoy!

Hour #1

The Boogers – “SMCB Theme Song”

Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies – “Call of the Wild” [Going to a Party]
Chibi Kodama – “Made to Fly” [Dragons EP]
Pencilhead & the Playground Punks – “Stinky Boy” [Stinky Boy]
Brady Rymer show ID
Brady Rymer & the Little Band That Could – “Press Play” [Press Play]
BARK – “Lollipop Dragon” [The Bark Album]
The Bazillions – “Wide Open World of Adjectives” [Rock-n-Roll Recess]

Mister G show ID
Mister G – “The Bossy E” [The Bossy E]
The Trummytones – “Happy as a Clam” [Down By the Seaside]
Mil’s Trills – “Make it Up” [Ridiculous Nonsense]
Todd & Cookie – “In the Backseat” [Super Deluxe Action Figures]
Gustafer Yellowgold – “Baconstein” [Brighter Side]
Andrew & Polly – “Little Bitta You” [Odds & Ends]

SFA show ID
Sugar Free Allstars – “I Can See it Now” [Sugar Free Allstars]
POCO DROM – “Bounce. Bounce, Bounce” [Along Came a Weasel]
Frances England – “Place in Your Heart” [Mind of My Own]
Froggins and Bug – “Birthday Suit” [Dessert Island]
Jack Forman – “Yodeling Yoda” [Songs From the Monkey House]

Phredd – “Jet Engine Flight Suit” [Ukulele One Man Band]

Hour #2

Justin Roberts show ID
Justin Roberts – “Tree Home” [Lemonade]
Johnny Bregar – “Time Machine” [Imaginary Universe]
Alex Volz – “The Snowflake Song” [The Little Merman]
Mr. Josh – “I’m So Excited” [Feelings]
Little Miss Ann – “Over in the Meadow” [Clap For Love]
Paper Canoe Company – “Daydream” [Beanstalk Jack]

Caspar Babypants show ID
Caspar Babypants – “Ten Little Piggies” [Jump For Joy!]
Lard Dog & the Band of Shy – “Don’t Let the Boogah Bug You Out” [Dreamers]
They Might Be Giants – “Particle Man”
Billy Kelly – “S-N-O-W-M-A-N (Snowman!)” [Thank You For Joining the Happy Club]
The Dilly Dallies – “I Get Up” [Walking Around With Giants]
Rabbit! – “Color in You Life” [Bestest of Friends]

Alphabet Rockers show ID
Alphabet Rockers – “My Light” [Rise Shine #Woke]
Uncle Dox – “Snow Day”
RhymeZwell – “Robots on the Dance Floor”
Solange – “Mama Loves Baby” [VA: YGG! Music is Awesome Vol. 2]
Biz Markie – “The Energy Blues” [VA: School House Rock! Rocks]

SaulPaul – “Do That Hula Hoop” [We Dream in 3D]

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