Playlist For July 7, 2018

Hour #1

The Boogers – “SMCB Theme Song”

The Green Orbs – “Thumb Wrestling Champions” [Thumb Wrestling Champions]
Human-Tim+Robot-Tim – “Hey Dinosaur”
Marky Monday – “Superheroes” [Adventures in Dreamland]
Brady Rymer show ID
Brady Rymer & the Little Band That Could – “I Surprised Myself” [Press Play]
Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies – “Call of the Wild” [Going to the Party]
Parry Gripp – “All the Nachos You Can Eat”

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo show ID
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo – “Stonecutter” [Wake Up the Dream]
Father Goose – “Nice to Meet U (feat. Danni Ai)” [King of the Dance Party]
Mo Phillips – “Supa Stupefying” [Supa Stupefying]
The Oot and Oots – “I Like it Saucy” [Electric Jellyfish Boogaloo]
Mike Phirman – “Dance, Little Meatball, Dance” [Songs to Sing at Children]
Gunnar Madsen – “In My Soup” [I Am Your Food]

Morgan Taylor show ID
Gustafer Yellowgold – “Rock Melon” [Dark Pie Concerns]
Best Coast – “Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows” [Best Kids]
Animal Farm – “Cranky Pants” [We Are One]
Like Father Like Son – “Sharks and Dinosaurs” [Sun is a Star]

Josh & the Jamtones – “Fun!” [We Are O-N-E!]

Hour #2

Jack Forman show ID
Recess Monkey – “All My Friends Are Here” [Family Photo Album]
The Pop Ups – “Time” [Giants of Science]
Henriques² – “Mellows on My Mind”
Rabbit! – “Keep Calm and Carry On” [Bestest of Friends]
The Little Rockers Band – “Popcorn” [Who Needs Rhythm?]
Ozokids – “Moose on the Loose” [Ozomatli Presnts…]

Casper Babypants show ID
Casper Babypants – “Anything For You My Love” [Keep It Real!]
Claudia Robin Gunn – “One More Story” [Little Wild Lullabies]
Ratboy Jr. – “Floating Up” [Smorgasbord]
The Jellydots – “Hey You Kids!” [Hey You Kids!]
Oh! Ogopogo! – “Don’t Feed the Bullies” [Outdoor Human]
Vered – “Little Bit Tough” [Songs For Sisters and Brothers]

Justin Roberts show ID
Justin Roberts – “Tree Home” [Lemonade]
Kira Willey – “Real Girl” [Every Voice]
Michelle Bloom & Co. – “Equal Day Equal Night” [Big Backyard]
Paper Canoe Company – “Beanstalk Jack” [Beanstalk Jack]

Hold Tight Shine Bright Project (Andrew & Polly, Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band, & Mista Cookie Jar) – “Shine Your Light”

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