Playlist for March 16, 2019

Hour #1

The Boogers – “SMCB Theme Song”

Frank and Deane – “My Imagination” [The Nation of Imagine]
The Oot n’ Oots – “Animal Sounds” [Electric Jellyfish Boogaloo]
Michael & the Rockness Monsters – Growing Bigger” [Monster’s Ball]
The Not-Its! show ID
The Not-Its! – “The Battle of Curriculum Night” [Ready or Not!]
Jumpin’ Jamie – “Back to the Future” [Kookie]
Miss Paula & the Candy Bandits – “Marshmallow Song” [Blast Off!]

Tim Kubart show ID
Tim Kubart – “Field Trip” [Building Blocks]
Jack Forman – “In My Nintendo” [Office Hours]
Einstein’s Monkey – “Climbing Mount Everest” [Caution]
The Brian Waite Band – “Hungry Fish” [20,000 Volts Under the Sea]
A Horse A Spoon A Bucket – “Gopher Jamboree” [Kick Out the James, Little Babies]
Parry Gripp – “Hailing Taquitos”

Lucky Diaz show ID
The Lucky Band – “Taco Tuesday” [Buenos Diaz]
Ants Ants Ants – “Morning Song” [Why Why Why?]
Jess and Aaron – “The Pirates of Rock and Roll”
Michelle Bloom & Co. – “Jumping Bean” [Big Backyard]
Formidable Vegetable – “Grow a Garden”

Falu – “Bazaar” [Falu’s Bazaar]

Hour #2

Mista Cookie Jar show ID
Mista Cookie Jar – “Rock This World (feat. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo)”
Uncle Devin – “Thinking” [Be Yourself!]
Father Goose – “Bounce” [King of the Dance Party]
Culture Queen – “Rise & Rhyme” [I Like the Me I See]
SaulPaul – “Choose” [All Star Anthems]
Shine and the Moonbeams – “High Five” [Shine and the Moonbeams]

The Okee Dokee Brothers show ID
The Okee Dokee Brothers – “You You You” [Winterland]
Little Bandits – “Library” [Little Bandits]
Hopalong Andrew – “Thank God I’m a City Boy” [Howdy Do!]
Little Miss Ann & Amy D – “Keep On Keepin’ On” [Keep On]
Caspar Babypants – “Crawl” [Sing Along!]
KB Whirly – “Just Us Three” [Now That We’re Home]

Bears and Lions show ID
Bears and Lions – “Pancakes” [Bears and Lions]
The Pop Ups – “Time” [Giants of Science]
Elska – “Too Much Junk”
fleaBITE – “Fatty Ratty Party” [Bite Me]
The Green Orbs – “Flower in My Shower” [Thumb Wrestling Champions]

Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats – “Ain’t No Dog Like Mister” [All the Sounds]

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