Playlist for June 29, 2019

Hour #1

The Boogers – “SMCB Theme Song”

Mr. Leebot & The Boogers – “(Having a Blast) at the Pool”
The Amoeba People – “Back to the Beginning” [The Fossil Record]
Chris Ballew – “Flip a Switch”
ScribbleJim show ID
ScribbleMonster – “I’m a Shark (I Rock, I Swim)” [Shark Sandwich]
catswithnofaces – “Feed Me” [Catastic Odyssey]
The Aquabats – “Pool Party” {VA: Yo Gabba Gabba!]

Cowboy Andy show ID
Cowboy Andy & the Salamanders – “Countdown” [Put Your Arms in the Air]
Turkey Anderson – “Marco Cannonball Polo” [Turkey Anderson II]
Alex Volz – “3 Minutes to Summer” [Welcome to Awesometown]
Best Coast – “Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows” [Best Kids]
The Bazillions – “Summer’s Here” [Rock-n-Roll Yearbook]
Lisa Loeb – “Are You Ready For the Summer” [Camp Lisa]

Tim Kubart show ID
Tim Kubart – “Endless Summer” [Anthems For Adventure]
Kyle Riley – “Going Swimming” [Sing to Me]
The Que Pastas – “First Day of Summer” [Sunglasses]
Little Miss Ann – “So Many Ways”
mömandpöp – “Let’s Take a Vacation” [Look Closer]

Father Goose – “La Bamba (feat. David Allen Rivera & Danni Ai)” [King of the Dance Party]

Hour #2

Poochamungas show ID
Poochamungas – “My Favorite Summer Day (Block Part)” [Block Party!]
Ween – “Ocean Man”
Tony Pete – “My Shadow” [When I Grow Up]
Ratboy Jr. – “Clown Shoes” [Lucky Foot & Sunny Moon]
Señor Fancypants – “Fireworks and Fireflies” [Señor Fancypants]
Kepi Ghoulie – “Keeping Me Alive”

Lucy Kalantari show ID
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats – “Sounds of Summer” [All the Sounds]
Johnny Bregar – “Ice Cream Man” [Dragonfly]
Pointed Man Band – “Pint Size” [Amongst the Tall Trees]
The Lucky Band – “Como Se Dice” [Buenos Diaz]
The Laurie Berkner Band – “Somos Los Dinosaurios
Nathalia – “La Rutina” [En la Radio]

Randy Kaplan show ID
Randy Kaplan – “Shake It and Break It” [Shake It and Break It]
The Hollywood Hillbillies – “Chattanooga Choo Choo”
fleaBITE – “Do the Woopsie” [The Jungle is Jumping]
The Green Orbs – “Outside” [Thumb Wrestling Champions]
Brady Rymer & the Little Band That Could – “Drop in the Bucket” [Under the Big Umbrella]

Gustafer Yellowgold – “Fireworks” [Year in the Day]

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