World Premiere Music: Experience “The Power of Discovery” with Future Hits

Future Hits finally have a new album on the horizon. I say finally because it seems like an eternity since their album Today is Forever was released. OK it was five years ago, but still. For their followup, Future Hits and the Power of Discovery, the band has created, as their press release states, “a zine album & family music opus”.

Now for the music. Here is the first track from the album, “Eight City Blocks”, with the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Emma Hospelhorn. So far this is my favorite kindie song of 2020 and we will definitely be spinning a lot of songs from this album on The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl. But wait, there’s more. As an added bonus check out the instrumental track “Plan Just Far Enough Ahead”. The album releases April 24th. Get it!

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