New Music: Rabbit! – “Happiness is Simple”

Photo Credit: Robin Davis

Every once in a while an artist arrives in the kindie scene by sheer coincidence. For example, the duo known as Rabbit!, Ashton Allen and Devon Moore, fell into the genre as an off-shoot from their job writing and recording songs for TV commercials. “Neither one of us had any intention of starting a kids band or being in the children’s music sphere,” said Allen. One particular style of music they made garnered attention from more family-friendly advertisers. Allen added, “It wasn’t long before we realized we had stumbled into this niche space where not only were kids of all ages really freaking out to the songs, but, and this is perhaps because the songs were never intended for kids, adults and parents loved it as well.”

Today, after two full-length albums, three EPs, and multiple singles, they share the first single and title track from their fourth EP, Happiness is Simple, set to release April 2nd. According to Moore, “The phrase ‘happiness is simple’ is one of those seemingly throw-away, self help-y sentiments that have been floating around in our collective consciousnesses on Instagram feeds, blog-o-spheres, etc. for so long that it’s become a bit of background noise. I thought I’d use it as a ‘song starter’ and see if there was or wasn’t something to this idea.” Initially starting with voice and ukulele, their ideas for the track eventually grew. A lot. “At the end of the song we stripped away all the hubbub and brought back the simple voice and ukulele,” Moore said, adding, “A uke, a few simple chords, and an easy-breezy melody. Sometimes happiness IS just that simple.”

Now enjoy the latest single and video from Rabbit!, “Happiness is Simple”. Links to purchase or stream the song are listed below as well.

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