New Music: Formidable Vegetable – “Our Street”

If you aren’t familiar with the Australian family band Formidable Vegetable, now’s a great time to get acquainted. Their fifth and latest release, Garbage Guts, is out today. Charlie Mgee, the mind behind Formidable Vegetable, says “the title kind of sums up the idea that everything we buy, grow, use or throw away eventually ends up somewhere else, so we’d better make sure we think about the best use we can make of all our stuff, while we have it”. Mgee adds the overall message of this album is “pretty much the ethics of permaculture, which is “Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share”.

The latest single “Our Street” speaks to reusing stuff and growing your own food. The song was inspired by a kids book of the same name and illustrated by Mgee’s partner, Brenna Quinlan. “It’s all about making our streets the best places to live, no matter where we are. In permaculture, this means using what we have available and working together with our community to grow heaps of food and reduce our waste,” Mgee says.

Check out the video for the single “Our Street” below. You can find the album on various music sites here.

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