Video Premiere: Flor Bromley – “Mango’s Tango”

Flor Bromley’s music is influenced by many different Latin American songs and styles. She says all of her music styles come from a part of her background. Her latest album takes a closer look at nature, hence the title Pachamama who is considered an Earth Mother or goddess in Inca mythology. Her love of musical theatre and pop music are both on display here. “I like how both of those styles go deep into discoveries while having up-beat tempos,” says Flor.

Her latest single, “Mango’s Tango”, follows a mango who is not allowed to be who he wants to be. This came from Bromley’s own experience in Peru. “I was laughed at for liking Musical Theatre because it’s not a common thing.” She adds, “this song is for everybody out there to remember to shine their light and be allowed to like whatever they want and show it because differences are what makes things interesting.”

The songs on Pachamama are in English and Spanish, making it a great way for kids to dip their toes into learning a different language. Watch her new video below for “Mango’s Tango”.

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