Playlist for December 18, 2021

We have a super-fun show for you, kids! We’re celebrating the legacy of Caspar Babypants. Music from 19 albums spanning 12 years plus Caspar will join us to talk about his music and these songs.

Hour #1

“Little Broken Truck” [Here I Am!]
“Monkey River” [Here I Am!]
“$9.99” [More Please!]
“The Itsy Bitsy Spider” [More Please!]
“Googly Eyes” [This is Fun!]
“Mr. Rabbit (feat. Charlie Hope)” [This is Fun!]

“My Flea Has Dogs” [Sing Along!]
“Butterfly Driving a Truck” [Sing Along!]
“Sugar Ant” [Hot Dog!]
“Stompy the Bear” [Hot Dog!]
“The Stump Hotel” [I Found You!]
“Skeletone” [I Found You!]

“Here Comes the Sun” [Baby Beatles!]
“With a Little Help From My Friends” [Beatles Baby!]
“The Creatures Under My Bed” [Rise and Shine!]
“Bird in an Airplane Suit” [Rise and Shine!]
“Because I Love You” [Away We Go!]

“Sleepy Snail and Speedy Spider” [Away We Go!]

Hour #2

“Froggy Went a Courtin’” [Jump For Joy!]
“My Pants Are on Vacation” [Jump For Joy!]
“Emotional Robot” [Keep it Real!]
“Always Keep a Ukulele in Your Trunk” [Keep it Real!]
“Bring My Chimpy Home” [Flying High!]
“Noodles and Butter” [Flying High!]

“The Ants Go Marching” [Bug Out!]
“Hidin’ and Seekin’” [Bug Out!]
“Come Down Here Monkey” [Happy Heart!]
“I Don’t Remember This Song” [Happy Heart]
“Spooky Baby” [Easy Breezy!]
Supersonic Motorcycles” [Easy Breezy!]

“Just For You” [Night Night!]
“Dragonfly Blue” [Night Night!]
“Lazy Daisy” [Sleep Tight!]
“First Star” [Sleep Tight]
“Frozen Penguin” [Winter Party!]

“Candle in the Snow” [Winter Party!]

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