Playlist For April 9, 2022

Hour #1

The Boogers – “The SMCB Theme Song”

B Minor Music – “5 Garbage Trucks”
Todd’n’Tina – “Flossing is My Hobby” [Dynamite!]
Esther Crow – “Stuff!”
POCO DROM – “Penguin Freeze” [Fuzz Drops Panda Pops]
Joel Henriques – “Lightspeed”
The RTTs – “My New Hero” [Turn it Up Mommy]

Sugar Free Allstars show ID
Sugar Free Allstars – “I Like to Climb on Things”
Jazzy Ash – “Everybody Gotta Sing”
Ben Tatar & the Tatar Tots – “Jambalaya” [Seconds]
The Bazillions – “Come On In”
Steve Elci and Friends – “Daffodil Girl” [Nutmegger]
Music Together – “Stick Tune” [Family Favorites]

Bears and Lions show ID
Bears and Lions – “Porcupine” [Wild and Free]
My Friend Christopher – “Things to Do Today” [Tuba Blues]
Todd McHatton – “Let’s Do Something Cool” [VA: Hold Tight, Shine Bright]
Mr. Ben – “Spring Song” [Beautiful Day]
The Okee Dokee Brothers – “Campin’” [Songs For Singin’]
Ashley Mills Monaghan – “Come Into the Rain”

Janine Cooper Ayres – “The Very First States” [Discovery America]

Hour #2

Parry Gripp show ID
Parry Gripp – “Tortilla Avalanche”
Andyroo & the Andyrooniverse – “Velociraptor” [Dinosaur Party Vol. 1]
Twinpop – “Smoothie Time” [Lemon/Lime]
Kids Imagine Nation – “Imagination” [Best Day Ever]
Marko Polo – “New Sound” [Mammal Music]
Mr. Saxophone – “Sockfeet” [Songs From the Treehouse]

Lucy Kalantari show ID
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats – “Joy, Spice, Soul (feat. Falu & Fyütch)”
Kelli Welli – “All Ways Together Always” [Robots Don’t Tell Jokes]
Mary Lou Lord – “Sugar Sugar” [VA: Saturday Morning Cartoons’ Greatest Hits]
Karen Peris – “Superhero” [A Song is Way Above the Lawn]
Claudia Robin Gunn – “Rainbow Fish”
Bill Crosby – “The Peanut Butter Fish” [The Peanut Butter Fish]

Mista Cookie Jar show ID
Twinkle Time & Mista Cookie Jar – “Rain or Shine”
Asheba – “Banana Jump”
Mr. Pete’s Playhouse – “Clear De Road” [Promenade EP]
Divinity Roxx – “Happy and Healthy” [Ready Set Go!]
Sara Ernst – “Epidermis”
Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band – “The Letter C” [Crayon Kids]

Rock U Mentally – “Don’t Stand By, Stand Up!” [Who You Are is Where It’s At]

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