Video Premiere: Roger Day – “Big Picture”

Roger Day has been writing and performing music for kids for nearly 25 years. “I truly LOVE creating music for kids”, Day said. “I’m more excited than ever about making a positive impact on the world through family and children’s music.” His sixth album Invincible! came out came out 2 years ago and he continued this excitement for making quality music for families.

The latest single from the album is “Big Picture”, a song he co-wrote with children’s author Susan Verde. “It was a classic ‘author opens her idea book’ moment… thumbs through the pages… eureka! When I saw Susan’s idea ‘Citizen Scientist’, which talked about seeing the ‘Big Picture’ and breaking it down, I immediately said, yes!” He had recently spent some time at the University of Georgia Marine Institute learning how a coastal ecosystem works. “Susan and I decided to create a song about a kid who with boundless curiosity about the world around her and who believes there just might be a new ecosystem to discover, maybe right in her backyard.”

The video for the single shows kids learning and trying out various science experiments. Some of the first attempts are what ended up in the final video. “We didn’t think to rehearse the experiments before the kids arrived. We were kind of making it up on the fly. So if it looks like we’re really surprised when they worked, it’s because we were.”

Check out the premiere video for “Big Picture” from the album Invincible! below and be sure to check more of Roger’s music.

2 Comments on “Video Premiere: Roger Day – “Big Picture”

  1. Some things are timeless, like a child’s innocence, imagination, beautiful mind. Roger Day captures and inspires that in his work every time! He truly shines and gets in your mind, and you will never forget that “it’s a No-No to Kiss a Rhino”. 🙂

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