Playlist for October 1, 2022

Hour #1

The Boogers – “The SMCB Theme Song”

Tom Weber – “Dinosaur Rock” [How Do You Feel Today?]
Triple Rainbow – “Fam Jam” [You Are Magic]
The ShyTunas – “Florida Trail (Rather Not)” [Trail Mix]
Parry Gripp show ID
Parry Gripp – “Wiener Dogs on the Moon”
Peelander-Z – “UFO” [Go PZ Go]
Bumblz Tunes – “When the Bedbug Bites” [The Bee Sides]

SFA show ID
Sugar Free Allstars – “I Like to Climb on Things”
Heywood Banks – “If Pigs Had Wings” [Kid Songs For Adults, Adult Songs For Kids]
Wendy & DB – “Time to Shine” [Into the Little Blue House]
Ziggy Marley – “Dragonfly” [More Family Time]
Uncle Devin – “Little Kangaroo in the Pocket” [In the Pocket!]
Mindy Bauer – “Set of Numbers” [Catchy Math Jingles]

POCO DROM – “Cats Like to Swim” [Furry Grunge Electro]
Claudia Robin Gunn – “Party”
Erica Rabner – “Move Shake Your Body” [Stomp, Shake, & Shuffle]
Happy Music Garden – Dance With Friends” [HMG Kids Vol. 1]
Shawny – “I Love Me (L.O.V.E.)”
Two of a Kind – “Sid the Squid”

Moey’s Music Party – “Pierre Wouldn’t Wash His Hair” [Moey’s Music Party]

Hour #2

Jack Forman show ID
Recess Monkey – “Digging a Hole” [Family Photo Album]
Kaci Bolls – “Happy Fall Y’all”
Brighter Light Brigade – “I Lost It” [Feel it All]
The Zing Zangs – “Let’s Start a Band” [The Good Days]
Whoopie Chicken – “Little Chocolate Donuts”
30 Turtles – “Losing My Marbles” [Losing My Marbles]

Ozokidz show ID
Ozokidz – “Balloon Fest” [Ozomatli Presents…]
Little Parade – “Mi Cuerpo”
Dub Town Rockers – “Oh So Good (feat. The Aggrolites)”
Laurie Berkner – “Jumping Jack” [Let’s Go!]
Martin and Rose Music – “Bully” [Dear Heart]
Little Mo’ McCoury – “Barefoot Nellie” [Little Mo’ McCoury]

Red Yarn show ID
Smith & Yarn – “The River” [Smith & Yarn]
Mr Roberelli – “Barn Owls” [Catch a Breath]
Joy Blooms – “In the Garden”
Paper Rainbows – “All I Need” [Imagination]
Musiquita – “Big & Little Thoughts” [Musiquita]
Dean and the Family Jones – “Symmetry” [Dean and the Family Jones]

The Squeegees – “Nala the Chihuahua” [Meet The Squeegees]

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