Playlist for December 3, 2022

Hour #1

The Boogers – “The SMCB Theme Song”

Rolie Polie Guacamole – “Diggin’ in the Dirt” [Diggin’ in the Dirt]
Esther Crow – “It’s So Easy Being Green” [All Together Now]
Todd’n’Tina – “Confetti Spaghetti” [Kaboom!]
Red Yarn show ID
Red Yarn – “Sewer Party” [The Underground EP]
Ms. D & Me – “I Like Carrots” [Goin’ to School]
Luscious Jackson – “Yeah Yeah No No” [Baby DJ]

Michael & the Rockness Monsters show ID
Michael & the Rockness Monsters – “Joy Up (feat. Little Miss Ann)”
Captain Festus McBoyle – “Seaweed Song”
JellyBean Queen – “Ella’s Umbrella”
Greg Lato – “Adults These Days” [Adults These Days]
Dog on Fleas – “Can Do Attitude” [I’m an Optimist]
Boxtop Jenkins – “Toast and Jelly” [You’re Happier When You’re Happy]

Alphabet Rockers show ID
Alphabet Rockers – “Power Up” [The Movement]
Jess and Aaron – “Superhero” [Jess and Aaron]
Itty Bitty Beats – “Pyjama Jimmy Jam (Let’s Dance)”
Fyütch – “Pick it Up” [Family Tree]
Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band – “Elevator” [Los Fabulosos]
Nathalia – “Unplug and Play” [Mil Colores]

Play Date – “Great Day” [Imagination]

Hour #2

Jack Forman show ID
Recess Monkey – “All My Friends Are Here” [Family Photo Album]
Ben Folds – “It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown”
The Relative Minors – “Third Time’s a Charm” [Minor Third]
Lucky Jim and His Imaginary Friends – “Sour Cream” [There’s Something Stinky in the Fridge]
Sonshine & Broccoli – “I’m Gonna Be OK” [Born to Be Brave]
Lunch Money – “Dizzy” [Dizzy]

The Okee Dokee Brothers ID
The Okee Dokee Brothers – “Singin’ For Me Supper” [Songs For Singin’]
Martin and Rose Music – “Half Right” [Dear Heart]
Joy Blooms – “Cool Zoo”
Heather Feather – “Migration Song” [Songs For Growing]
The Harmonica Pocket – “Sand Song” [Sing Your Song]
Like Totally! – “Millions of Things” [Good Mews]

Justin Roberts show ID
Justin Roberts – “Little Red Wagon” [Space Cadet]
Shawny – “The Day the Colours Went Away”
mömandpöp – “Walking the Cow” [Out in the Countryside]
Uncle Dox – “3 Lefts Do”
Macaroni Birthday – “I Wanna Have Fun” [Play Rock ’N’ Roll Songs For Children]
Good Kids – “Starting a Band” [Good Kids]

Jr. Madness – “Do As I’m Doing” [Just Kidding]

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