Video Premiere: Yosi & the Superdads – “Look at Me”

Yosi has been creating family music for more than two decades and has been included on The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl from nearly day one. Back in 2009 his band Yosi and the Superdads released their album Super Kids Rock. The band’s been a little quiet over the years as far as releasing new music, but they have a new song out accompanied by a new video.

Their new song’s title is a favorite phrase of many kids to their parents, “Look At Me”. It follows in the same vein of upbeat rock to get the kids moving Yosi and his band have been making all these years. “It’s one of the favorite songs at our concerts. The kids go berserk over it,” Yosi says. “It’s all about using your imagination to fly, jump, row a boat, ride a bike or wriggle through the grass as a snake. There’s also a part in the song where I ask the kids to jump up into outer space at which point the music stops and the band and I look up at the sky and cannot see the kids despite their screams. It’s a particularly very funny moment and the parents love it to.”

The artwork in the video is by artist/animator Marcin Kozlinski from Poland. “He found me online a few years ago and really liked my music. I checked out his work and thought it was outstanding. He started making some promo images for me and the band. In the meantime we found we had a lot of things in common and struck up a friendship.”

Watch the brand new video for the new song “Look At Me” below and be sure to check out all of Yosi’s music. Your family will not be disappointed.

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