Video Premiere: Esther Crow – “The Leader in You (feat. Father Goose Music)”

Esther Crow is relatively new to the children’s music scene, but has already made a huge impact. Her first album All Together Now focuses on the well-being of the earth (an issue that means a great deal to her) and its inhabitants.

On her new single “The Leader in You”, she turns her attention to what we can do for others. “Helping a cause/people in my neighborhood instantly lifted my mood and I knew what the song needed to be about: encouraging kids to be leaders in their own communities.”

Crow teamed up with veteran kindie artist Father Goose Music on the song. “Working with Father Goose Music was a dream as I’ve admired him for a while.” Crow adds, “I wanted to work with him because I love his unique voice and his dedication to social causes.”

Crow took on editing duties on the video for the song. “The video is the 4th of mine that I’ve edited, and I’m really proud with how it came out! Like the song, I wanted it to have a dramatic, 80’s kind of feel with some slow motion shots mixed with still shots from protests, etc.” Father Goose emailed her his portions as did Grace Magala ,the CEO of Kare Afrika. Her husband got behind the camera for her parts in Central Park.

Enjoy the video below for “The Leader in You” from Ester Crow with Father Goose Music and be on the lookout for a new album from her on Earth Day this year.

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