Playlist for February 18, 2023

Hour #1

The Boogers – “The SMCB Theme Song”

Watch Reggie Run – “Rock It Like a Rocket”
Here Comes Trouble – “Pink” [I Like Clowns (When They Stay at Home]
POCO DROM – “Slow Worm” [Fuzz Drops Panda Pops]
Justin Roberts show ID
Justin Roberts – “Seven Billion Billion Billion Atoms in Me” [Space Cadet]
Keith Munslow – “Mama is My Paparazzi”
ScribbleMonster & His Pals – “Chocolate Milk” [Chocolate Milk]

Alphabet Rockers show ID
Alphabet Rockers – “The Change Up” [The Movement]
Bluey – “Dance Mode” [Dance Mode]
Uncle Dox – “Play (feat. Mista Cookie Jar & Lucy Kalantari)”
Formidable Vegetable – “Bad Timing” [In Real Life]
The Gum Drops – “I Don’t Want to Be a Movie Star”
The Flannery Brothers – “In the Morning” [Move Over Lullabies]

Joanie Leeds show ID
Joanie Leeds – “A Snowflake’s Lament”
The Pocket Joys – “Every Day”
David Gibb – “Big Hill” [Pedal Onwards]
Sing Along With Tony – “Bare Feet”
Nick Cope – “Ralph the Rusty Robot” [Have You Heard About Hugh?]
Good Day Dean – “Just Dance”

The Mighty bUZZniks – “Sports” [Bug Out]

Hour #2

The Okee Dokee Brothers show ID
The Okee Dokee Brothers – “The Life That’s in You” [Brambletown]
Farmer Jason – “Fish Wish”
Caveman Dave – “Don’t Be a Bully”
The Mighty Jarkobian and His Conglomerate of Sound – “Oak Tree” [The Mighty Jarkobian and His Conglomerate of Sound]
The Hollow Trees – “I Eat Salad For Breakfast”
Buck Howdy – “Get Off of My Cloud” [Giddyup!]

Charity and the JAMband ID
Charity and the JAMband – “Hot Chocolate”
The Hipwaders – “ABC Bubblegum”
Sonia De Los Santos – “All I Need is Your Smile”
Claudia Robin Gunn – “Don’t Scared of Bugs” [Little Wild Animals]
Mr. Elephant – “Alligator Hands” [Look!]
Mr. Ray – “Family Ride” [Family Ride]

Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke – “Yeti vs Sasquatch” [Mythical Creatures]
Johnny & the Raindrops – “I’m a Superhero”
Sam’s Rot’n Pot’n Pan Band – “The Treasure Map” [Sam’s Rot’n Pot’n Pan Band]
Potjiekos – “You Gotta Love Your Pet”
Tom Weber – “Copy Cat” [How Do You Feel Today?]
Todd’n’Tina – “Friends” [Kaboom!]

Daddy a Go-Go – “Idaho!” [Rock of All Ages]

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