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Video Premiere: Esther Crow – “The Leader in You (feat. Father Goose Music)”

Esther Crow is relatively new to the children’s music scene, but has already made a huge impact. Her first album All Together Now focuses on the well-being of the earth (an issue that means a great deal to her) and its inhabitants. On her… Continue Reading “Video Premiere: Esther Crow – “The Leader in You (feat. Father Goose Music)””

Video Premiere: Yosi & the Superdads – “Look at Me”

Yosi has been creating family music for more than two decades and has been included on The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl from nearly day one. Back in 2009 his band Yosi and the Superdads released their album Super Kids Rock. The band’s been a… Continue Reading “Video Premiere: Yosi & the Superdads – “Look at Me””

Video Premiere: Roger Day – “Big Picture”

Roger Day has been writing and performing music for kids for nearly 25 years. “I truly LOVE creating music for kids”, Day said. “I’m more excited than ever about making a positive impact on the world through family and children’s music.” His sixth album… Continue Reading “Video Premiere: Roger Day – “Big Picture””

New Videos

Here’s a handful of new kindie videos for you to enjoy. Justin Roberts – “Space Cadet” EVT Kids – “What Will You Buy With a Penny?” Mr. Pete’s Playhouse – “Summer Slide” Patrick Adams – “Motorcycle Song” The Microphone Doctors – “Keep ‘Em Caffinated”… Continue Reading “New Videos”

Video Premiere: Eric Herman and the Puppy Dogs – “Googly Eyes”

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard some new music from Eric Herman. He’s back, sans The Invisible Band and adding The Puppy Dogs, with his latest album, Magic Beans, releasing in March. The first single is “Googly Eyes”. Eric describes the song… Continue Reading “Video Premiere: Eric Herman and the Puppy Dogs – “Googly Eyes””

Video Premiere: Flor Bromley – “Mango’s Tango”

Flor Bromley’s music is influenced by many different Latin American songs and styles. She says all of her music styles come from a part of her background. Her latest album takes a closer look at nature, hence the title Pachamama who is considered an… Continue Reading “Video Premiere: Flor Bromley – “Mango’s Tango””

Video Premiere: Claudia Robin Gunn – “Kids in Autumn”

Claudia Robin Gunn’s massive 25-track album, Sing Through the Year, takes you on a musical journey through all the seasons and some of the holidays in those seasons. As we get full-swing into Autumn. Claudia’s released and new video for the song “Kids in… Continue Reading “Video Premiere: Claudia Robin Gunn – “Kids in Autumn””

Video Premiere: The Harmonica Pocket – “Sand Song”

The Harmonica Pocket has a few albums under their belt in the family music genre. Typically falling somewhere between Americana and Indie, their music has a gentle aspect to it without sounding watered down. Their next album, Sing Your Song, releases in October. Frontman… Continue Reading “Video Premiere: The Harmonica Pocket – “Sand Song””

New Music: Esther Crow – “Inchworm”

Esther Crow‘s first venture into family music was a few years ago with her band Thunder & Sunshine. That rock and roll aesthetic continues on her first solo kindie album, All Together Now. The album’s first single, “It’s So Easy Being Green”, has a… Continue Reading “New Music: Esther Crow – “Inchworm””

New Music: Claudia Robin Gunn – “Summertime & Sunshine”

New Zealand is known for its beauty, great surfing, and Hobbiton. But over the last few years, it seems as though its biggest export is great family music. Claudia Robin Gunn is one example of this. Hailing from Auckland, Claudia has a few releases… Continue Reading “New Music: Claudia Robin Gunn – “Summertime & Sunshine””