Playlist for July 15, 2017

Here you go, kiddos! This is what’s one the show this week. Follow along and don’t forget to check out these artists’ music and go to one of their shows if they’re playing in your town or nearby. Listen Saturday at 8am EDT on The WAWL.

Hour #1

The Boogers – “SMCB Theme Song”

Zigzag & the Astronauts – “Silly Things” [Zigzag & the Astronauts]
The Not-Its! – “When I Fell” [Raise Your Hand]
Goodness – “Electricity, Electricity” [VA: School House Rock! Rocks]
Chibi Kodama show ID
Chibi Kodama – “The Safety Dance”
Alex Volz – “The Red Apple Blues” [Awesome Songs For Cool Kids]

Danny Weinkauf show ID
Danny Weinkauf – “Sunshine Sunny Sunshine Day” [Totally Osome!]
Charlie Hope – “I’m Me!” [I’m Me!]
The Beatles – “All Together Now”
Recess Monkey – “Marshmallow Farm” [Field Trip]
Play Date – “L-O-V-E You” [We All Shine]
The Que Pastas – “Bad Day” [Sunglasses]

Caspar Babypants show ID
Caspar Babypants – “I Feel Better” [Jump For Joy!]
Jess Penner – “Thank You For Being a Friend” [Imagination]
Underbirds – “Here Comes My Friend” [Underbirds]
Rabbit! – “Jumping Rivers” [The Golden Carrot]
Renee & Jeremy – “It Makes You Feel Good” [C’mon]

Oh! Ogopogo! – “Don’t Feed the Bullies” [Outdoor Human]

Hour #2

Cowboy Andy show ID
The Salamanders – “Mancub” [Bubbles]
Formidable Vegetable Sound System – “Sweet P’tata” [Grow Do It]
Jazzy Ash – “Everybody Loves My Baby” [Swing Set]
Big Maybelle – “A Little Bird Told Me”
Randy Kaplan – “Runaway Blues” [Me. Diddie Wah Diddie]
KB Whirly – “Cool Man Cool” [Songs From the Whirly House]

JLNL show ID
Joanie Leeds & the Nightlights – “Stoop” [Brooklyn Baby!]
Walter Martin – “The Everglades” [My Kinda Music]
Cat Doorman – “To and Fro” [Bop-Bodiop!]
Southern Culture on the Skids – “Mr. Spaceman”
Puddles Pity Party – “Pinball Wizard”
Randy & Dave – “Life on a Trampoline” [Life on a Trampoline]

Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band – “Paletero Man” [Made in LA]
Nathalia – “La Iguana Pepa” [When I Was Your Age]
Moona Luna – “I’m Always Here” [Panorama]
123 Andrés – “Cosquillas” [Arriba Abajo]
Mariana Iranzi – “I Go” [Hola Hello]

Omara Portuondo – “Guantanamera” [VA: Putumayo Kids Presents Latin Playground]

NEW VIDEO: Chibi Kodama – “The Safety Dance”

Family kindie band Chibi Kodama has been cranking out a lot music. Since 2014, they’ve released four albums, one EP, and a collection of “alternate” takes of singles from those albums. And they’re still going strong.

Now they’re dipping their toes into the world of cover songs. An 80s one-hit-wonder staple. Men Without Hats’ “The Safety Dance”. The new wave synthesizer has moved to the background and replaced by the fuzz of a guitar.

Yes, this is a cover song, but the band has made it their own.

11 years later

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